The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will fly to Auckland, where they will visit the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) base in Whenuapai and have an informal meet and greet with base personnel and their families. Later, they will travel into the city centre, arriving at headquarters of Emirates Team New Zealand, and meeting participants of the many America’s Cup sailing race. There, Kate and William will be taken to two separate boats for some informal races against each other. They will go back into the harbour aboard a Sealegs, an amphibious vehicle that was invented in New Zealand before returning to the Air Force base and eventually Wellington.

For more upcoming events and details, click here.

10/04: W+K attend a State Reception
           W+K visit Omaka aviation museum
           W+K visit Blenheim and meet war veterans
09/04: The Cambridges attend a playdate with the            Plunket New Zealand Society
07/04: W+K attend a reception at Govt. House
           The Cambridges touch down in N. Zealand
           The Cambridges arrive in Australia

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