The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will fly to Auckland, where they will visit the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) base in Whenuapai and have an informal meet and greet with base personnel and their families. Later, they will travel into the city centre, arriving at headquarters of Emirates Team New Zealand, and meeting participants of the many America’s Cup sailing race. There, Kate and William will be taken to two separate boats for some informal races against each other. They will go back into the harbour aboard a Sealegs, an amphibious vehicle that was invented in New Zealand before returning to the Air Force base and eventually Wellington.

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10/04: W+K attend a State Reception
           W+K visit Omaka aviation museum
           W+K visit Blenheim and meet war veterans
09/04: The Cambridges attend a playdate with the            Plunket New Zealand Society
07/04: W+K attend a reception at Govt. House
           The Cambridges touch down in N. Zealand
           The Cambridges arrive in Australia

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William and Catherine’s itinerary for the upcoming Royal Tour


Tuesday, September 11th:

Mid-afternoon: The Duke and Duchess arrive in Singapore where they will be met at Changi International Airport by representatives of the Singaporean Government and the British High Commissioner.

Afternoon: Their Royal Highnesses will then travel to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where they will take part in a ceremony during which an orchid is to be named in their honour. During their time at the Botanic Gardens, Will and Kate will be shown an orchid named after Diana, Princess of Wales, which unfortunately the people’s princess never had a chance to see in person.

Evening: The Royal couple will attend a State Dinner thrown by the President of Singapore at his official residence. After proper introductions, the Duke and Duchess will join a reception of guests invited to the dinner before sitting down for the meal itself. William will then make a speech on behalf of the Queen.

Wednesday, September 12th:

Morning: Their first official engagement will be at the Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens are an extraordinary feat of architecture and engineering with strong British involvement in their creation. Their Royal Highnesses will first visit one of the two large glass domes – in effect, huge conservatories – at the Gardens, in which is housed an artificial rainforest mountain. The couple will be accompanied by a guide as they descend the artificial mountain on foot, who will explain the flora and fauna contained in the dome. The couple will then visit the Colonial Garden, which is outside of the dome, where they will plant a tree.

Mid-morning: Their Royal Highnesses will travel to the Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory in Seletar, Singapore. The Duke and Duchess will be asked to unveil the first operational engine produced by the factory. The Duke will make a speech to staff at the official unveiling of the engine. The couple will also be taken on a tour of the high-tech site where they will have a chance to meet staff and to see the engines being assembled and tested.

Afternoon: Their Royal Highnesses will visit Strathmore Green, a precinct in Queenstown, which is a residential district of Singapore. The area was chosen since it was named after the present Queen. The couple will then view a cultural performance that will showcase the three main cultures of Singapore: the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities. The couple will also view children’s games and meet local residents.

Mid-afternoon: The Royal couple will then travel a short distance away, still within Queenstown, to the Rainbow Centre, which is a school and community centre for children with special needs. Here, The Duke and Duchess will split, with The Duke spending time with children participating in a Physical Education [PE] session and The Duchess will meet children engaged in arts therapy classes – something that Kate was keen to see for herself given her Patronage of The Arts Room. Then, they will jointly attend a theatrical and musical performance given by children at the school in their honour and where they will unveil a plaque commemorating their visit to the school.

Evening:  The Duke and Duchess will attend a reception at Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner’s residence, for prominent Singaporeans and members of the British and international expatriate communities. Guests will be drawn from the world of politics, business, the arts and sport. The Duke and Duchess will hear a performance by an artist from the Musicity programme, which is a musical project supported by the British Council that blends British, Singaporean and other musical genres.

Thursday, September 13th:

Morning: Their Royal Highnesses will begin the day at Kranji Commonwealth War Cemetery. Thousands of British and other Commonwealth servicemen lost their lives in the defence of Singapore and the subsequent occupation by Japanese forces, and The Duke and Duchess wished to pay tribute to their sacrifice at this most beautiful and peaceful of settings. The Duke and Duchess will lay a wreath made of local flowers at the War Memorial before meeting veterans and serving military from Singapore, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The visit to Kranji marks the end of Their Royal Highnesses’ visit to Singapore.


Thursday, September 13th:

Mid-morning: The Royal couple travel on a scheduled flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where they will be met at the International airport by representatives of the Malaysian Government and the British High Commissioner. Their first engagement is a lunch hosted by the Prime Minister at his official residence. The lunch will include a musical performance by young people supported by a charity of which the Prime Minister’s wife is Patron.

Afternoon: Following the lunch, the couple visit Hospis Malaysia, which is a leading hospice located in central Kuala Lumpur. The Duchess is Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Her Royal Highness is keen to use her visit to learn more about how the hospice movement works in Malaysia. Their Royal Highnesses will tour the building where they will have a chance to meet child and adult users of the hospice, as well as their families, before they unveil a plaque. The Duchess of Cambridge will give a short speech at the end of this visit to patients and staff, drawing on her own growing experience of the hospice movement in the United Kingdom.

Evening: The Duke and Duchess will attend an official dinner given by His Majesty The Agong at his official residence, the Istana Negara, in Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, September 14th:

Morning: Their Royal Highnesses will attend a cultural event in a Kuala Lumpur Park. The event will be a highly colourful, musical and energetic affair, and a wonderful opportunity for Their Royal Highnesses to experience the diversity and richness of Malaysian culture.

Mid-morning: Their Royal Highnesses will be guests of honour at a lunch given by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. The Duke will give a speech at the lunch to the assembled businessmen and women.

Afternoon: The Duke and Duchess will attend a Diamond Jubilee tea party hosted by the British High Commissioner and his wife at their residence. The guests for the traditionally British tea party will be drawn from across civil society. At the occasion, The Duke and Duchess will be invited to sample a new tea created by a leading Malaysian tea manufacturer, BOH, in honour of the Diamond Jubilee.


Friday, September 14th:

Mid-afternoon/Evening: Their Royal Highnesses depart on an aircraft to Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is one of the two States that makes up the Malaysian portion of Borneo. On arrival in Sabah, Their Royal Highnesses will attend a reception hosted by the Sabah State Government in their honour, before retiring for the night.

Saturday, September 15th:

Morning: The Duke and Duchess will travel to Danum Valley where they will have a chance to meet Royal Society scientists and volunteers, and to experience some of the jungle for themselves through an opportunity to be lifted up in to a tree to view the jungle canopy and to go on a jungle walk. The Duke and Duchess may have a chance to see wild orangutans and other animals, although such encounters are far from guaranteed. Following the visit to the research station, Their Royal Highnesses will retire to a nearby lodge for a private lunch.


Sunday, September 16th:

Mid-morning: The Duke and Duchess will be met on their arrival at Honiara airport by a traditional and colourful Solomon Island welcome, replete with garlands of flowers and warriors in traditional dress. The Duke and Duchess will be formally welcomed by The Queen’s representative, The Governor-General and his wife, and they will review a Guard of Honour at the airport.

Afternoon: Their Royal Highnesses will then make their way in an open-topped vehicle to the Church of Melanesia cathedral in Honiara, where they will attend a joyful service of thanksgiving for the life of dedicated service of The Queen.

Evening: The Duke and Duchess will attend an Island Feast, given in the traditional manner outdoors, hosted by the Governor-General at his official residence. The Duke will use the occasion to pass on Her Majesty’s warm wishes in a speech.

Monday, September 17th:

Morning: Their Royal Highnesses will begin the day with a call on Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office. The Duke and Duchess will then travel to a cultural village in Honiara, where the Royal couple will view performances by the nine provinces that make up the nation. Each performance will be given in front of a house built in accordance with the traditions of the particular province.

Mid-morning: The Duke and Duchess will split, the only time they do so on the Tour to go on separate engagements. The Duke will attend a conference given for young leaders from the Commonwealth nations in the Pacific. The Duke will subsequently award six Duke of Edinburgh gold awards to Solomon Islanders and one awardee from Vanuatu. Meanwhile, The Duchess will attend a reception for Solomon Island women’s groups. The couple will then re-join to travel to a memorial in Honiara to the Coast Watchers, for courageous Allied, Commonwealth soldiers and Solomon Islanders who hid along the coast of the nation’s 1,000 islands to pass on intelligence about Japanese military movements during the Second World War. The Duke and Duchess will lay a wreath before meeting veterans of the Coast Watch. They will open formally Commonwealth Street, on which the Memorial stands, which is close to Point Cruz, where the Spanish explorer Mendana landed in 1568.

Afternoon: The Duke and Duchess will then attend a lunch reception hosted by the Prime Minister in aid of Solomon Islands charities, including representatives of the Diamond Jubilee Trust. 


Monday, September 17th:

Mid-afternoon: Following the lunch reception, The Duke and Duchess will fly to Marau, which is on the furthest end of the main island Guadalcanal. At Marau, The Duke and Duchess will be welcomed by leaders and members of the local communities. The welcome ceremony has been developed entirely by the local people and promises to be a very special and memorable moment for Their Royal Highnesses in such a remote and beautiful location.


Monday, September 17th:

Mid-afternoon: The Royal couple will to the island of Marapa, where they will first visit a village before travelling on a traditional war canoe the short distance between Marapa and Tavanipupu.


Monday, September 17th:

Evening: On arrival on Tavanipupu, The Duke and Duchess will be met by a local musical and dance welcome, before retiring privately for the night.


Tuesday, September 18th:

Morning: Their Royal Highnesses travel back to Honiara, where they will participate in a departure ceremony at Honiara airport. The couple will bid farewell to Solomon Islands and travel to Tuvalu.


Tuesday, September 18th:

Morning: The Duke and Duchess will be met on their arrival at Funafuti airport by a traditional welcome, where they will be received by the Governor-General and a Guard of Honour. The Duke will then give a speech on behalf of The Queen to her people in Tuvalu.

Mid-morning: The Royal couple will proceed around Funafuti island, where they will visit the primary school and the university campus and they will stop to view a coconut tree planted by The Queen during her 1982 visit. The Duke and Duchess will also view a canoe race and watch a local ball game before finally ending up at a mocked-up traditional Tuvaluan village, where the couple will view demonstrations of traditional crafts and cooking.

Afternoon: The tour round the island will take most of the afternoon, and at various points, Their Royal Highnesses will be accompanied by local guides and dignitaries.

Evening: The Duke and Duchess will attend a traditional dinner, hosted by the Governor-General, where Their Royal Highnesses will have a chance to sample traditional Tuvaluan food before watching a performance of local dances. The couple will subsequently retire privately for the night, the first time that a Member of the Royal Family has stayed overnight on an island of Tuvalu.

Wednesday, September 19th:

Morning: Following a departure ceremony, The Duke and Duchess will bid farewell to Tuvalu, and will return home to London via a brief change of aircraft in Brisbane.

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